Repeaters and Equipment

On Air Repeaters


147.135 + offset 127.3 Located in West Monroe, La.  The 135 is a Motorola MSF5000 repeater with a CAT 1000 Controller.  It is currently in the Western portion of West Monroe.  The antenna is a DB-224 about 200 feet AGL fed with 1/2″ Heliax.   This Repeater will move to a new tower at about 480 feet once it is finished construction.

145.23 + offset 127.3 PL Tone/System Fusion  Farmerville, La .  The 23 is located in Point Wilhite currently and is running a Yaesu DR-X2 System Fusion Repeater in Auto mode on the Receive.  It will be linked to the 147.135 repeater in the future. The antenna is a DB-224 up about 320 AGL fed with 7/8″ Heliax


443.800 + Offset (DMR Color Code of 3)  This is a MMDVM repeater located in Calhoun currently but will be moved to the same tower as the 147.135 repeater in Western West Monroe. This repeater is a Motorola RKR1225 radio using the Repeater-Builder MMDVM Hat V2 controller.  The repeater is operating at 35 watts and into a DB-420 up about 110 feet AGL fed with 7/8 Heliax. Modes active on this repeater are :

(D-STAR)  KC5DR-B  Default Reflector is 48B

(YSF) All Reflectors available

(DMR) Color code is 3 Linked into the Brandmeister Network.  TS-1 is statically fixed to All-Louisiana TG 3122  TS-2 is dynamic.


LDRC Currently has ownership of 3 APRS Sites… the W5KGT-1 Digi is located in Calhoun Louisiana up about 100′ the Radio is a Motorola GM300, the KC5DR-1 is an iGate up about 35′ AGL located in West Monroe.  Total coverage includes the I-20 corridor from just west of Ruston to just East of Monroe.


146.700 Repeater – Winnsboro.  Currently we are in the possession of another frequency pair and equipment to put a repeater in Winnsboro, LA that will also be linked back to the 147.135 repeater.  We hope to have a site secured and on air by the end of 2018 to early 2019

Adding an APRS system in Rayville, LA


W5KGT Portable Tower.  This system incorporates a 100′ tower, a 70cm and 2m repeater, hf antennas and other equipment for linking and APRS.  This tower isn’t owned by the club, however; we have invested a substantial amount in the equipment.

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